About Steel Wheels

Lace 357 Deb by Lace 357. Ft. Hamilton Pkwy Station on the B Line Brooklyn NY 1988


Steel Wheels Inc. is a preservation society that documents, preserves and celebrates all aspects of railroad inspired art. While the primary focus is the rich heritage of graffiti on trains in North America, in recent years our scope has expanded to include; model trains, railroad photography, canvas art, and more. Follow us on social media for all of our most current rail antics.

The history of Steel Wheels

1995 Steel Wheels is formed by Cole Only and Steve Deniro. The first graffiti magazine that covered trains exclusively, in every issue.

2000 Steel Wheels releases its last issue.

2003 Steel Wheels Launches keepinitrail.com a database style website that displays trains photographed at that now established Atlanta Writers bench.

2003-2008 – maintained two subsequent: websites steelwheels.org and then steelwheelsxpress.com

2008 The first annual Steel Wheels Show takes place at the Relapse Theatre in Atlanta Ga.. Done in conjunction with Relics of the Rails, the show focuses on scaled down graffiti applied on scale model railcars. The idea was a hit. The explosion if Social Media at the time tremendously impacted the popularity of scale model graffiti. An entirely new collectors market was created as a result.

2010 – Steel Wheels self-published Steel Wheels 1986 – 1997. A book that it documents  the final days of traditional New York City subway graffiti and the initial years of American Freight train graffiti during the 11 year span between 1986 – 1997.  

2013 – Steel Wheels branches off into the fashion scene with the introduction of Steel Heels, better known as the sexiest graffiti on earth. The brand is centered on graffiti and relative art styles on high heel shoes.

2016 - Steel Wheels becomes incorporated and the Steel Wheels photo collection is copyrighted.



"Sizeo, Heist, Looter" shot in College Park Georgia Fall 2016